A month without you, Mom...

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Sanjeeta Sharma Pokharel
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Death was just a way to pay condolence to someone who, now I feel, is bereaved completely. Though I lack the scientific evidences, death to me was always a soul leaving this body and getting mixed up with the unfathomable universe. Earlier, I wrote a dozen of poems about the souls, the life as an illusion and the darkness beyond this deluding life, all inspired from you, Mom. And now, am pragmatically facing it up.

Stanza by stanza!

Behold! After a long anticipation for miracles, He finally decided to cure you intrinsically. But this time, I am not at ease with His decision. And sadly, He never realized what we will undergo through. I am tired of faking that I am not hurt. And that I was not hurt. Each moment can be counted and I literally wait for the night to hide myself and these tears.

People come, conceal their smiles in their pockets and pat me. And their jobs, hence done! The consoling part of life after the death of someone who you love a lot is tough! And to be consoled is more aggravating, trust me.

Tuning to a melancholic melody!

Life was a cycle, and it is. But, still we foster this denial within ourselves. And this denial has encouraged me to say that it was too early! That we were still not prepared! That it’s a MONTH without you!

I laugh 
When this sun shines on me...
And wipe these tears...
When the moon says 
You are not alone..."

-Sanjeeta Sharma Pokharel "Hridayaninadini"

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