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“Sacrifice is a part of life. It's supposed to be. It's not something to regret. It's something to aspire to.” 

                                                                       - Mitch Albom, The Five People You Meet in Heaven

Unless you are dead or you live alone in woods, stop complaining about how much or how many times you have sacrificed for someone. Its only for the loved ones, you can do such act. No strangers or any other person in the street have that fortune to receive such goodness. Have you done anything for the beggar? Have you even spared a cent on them out of love or any other emotions. Well I have not. Its only from deep down the heart, the humane act is possible. You do these for someone to see that little or wide curve on their faces, which we call contentment. At last, it would be well worth the effort to sacrifice, isn't it?

Be it your family members, friends or in-laws (yes, in-laws!) you need to do a little for them. A tiny act will make a big space in their heart, and getting a place in someone's heart is a rare thing in today's world. You don't need to spend money for that. For examples, you can make an extra vegetables of your brother-in-law's choice. Certainly, it will take additional time, but it is worth sparing that time to see him acknowledging your effort. You can spend time in home with your loved ones rather than going out to celebrate Valentine's Day (just saying, but its possible). Give that chocolate to your sister, share with them all the joys and sorrows. You will find the world a better place by sacrificing.

This gesture doesn't only apply to daughters or sisters or females in general, but boys have also done that. Remember your father, brother or husband. Haven't they sacrificed in their part? Wasn't it worth the value? Your brother has given up his share of food for you, a father his happiness for you (you can imagine, can't you?), your husband who may not have shared anything at all in his life, shares his entire life time, gives time and attention for your needs. They are all the heroes of our life. Therefore, stop complaining and live a life, share moments, spare some time  !! 
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