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David Attenborough, my favorite English broadcaster, whose voice is surreal and whose documentary are worth watching, gave me an idea to think about the way people want their mates to be. Recently, I viewed the episode of Planet Earth which was about the various measures animals use to attract their partners. Say, for example, female Antelopes, Snow buffaloes and others are most definitely lured by those males who can defend them, beat the rivals, are huge built and rule the surrounding. I, sometimes, get fascinated by their choice you know. I mean, of all species, animals, they, the females, have made their best decision about themselves. They are the ruler. They choose their mate, the ladies. Therefore, I am quite enchanted, to be honest. And this has been the same way for centuries, no change at all.

Now imagine the way this selection criteria has been changed in human race. In Victorian era, women of 90 kg were considered attractive and sensuous (Oh my god, really!). This pattern was changed in Flapper era, where flat chest among women were popular. Like really? (sigh...) If you consider this era, we have supermodels, zero-sized one and other anorexic ladies. And what do they convey? Moderate-Slim-Slimmest and finally to Chillimest (this is me coining the term), where one goes near death from malnutrition. This is further advertised in fashion shows, health magazine (Oh blimey me!), and ads.

What is the meaning of having such variations in shapes and sizes? Women of past were much healthier and I really don't think they were a threat to other women whatever body shape they had. They were in continence of themselves. None were the role models. They were pleased with their body types, even their mates. no one jealous, no one nagging or no one to bombard on their minds.

Have you ever thought what figure of women does men prefer? Researchers were baffled when the participants (males) reacted on this matter (in an article on Huffington Post). They opt for fuller-bodied ladies than the slim one (great news for me!). I personally think this thing of dieting or health-freaks would not have grown like mushrooms if they really know how these celebrities maintain their health. They have nutritionist who plan their diet, but who do we have? We simply eat less, that too rice, which is the most energetic food material we ever consume. Do we have protein shakes or diet plan as per our body requirement or exercise plan or anything at all that is properly scheduled? Ask your mum. What would she comment on your dieting and getting anorexic? I hope she doesn't wants you to be the girl who walks flauntingly in the ramps. You have no idea how she maintains her figure. If they consume a little more, she would just gag herself and vomits to get the stuff out. What good was that to intake a little extra of her favorite delicacy? You never go for a walk after supper, do you? Well, they do. They are laborious and won't break the schedule. Researchers have indeed theorize that it’s a obvious result of the media’s unceasing manifestation of women who can fit between a door and its frame. These medias have hammered us in such a way we believe most of the thing. Found in the net someone saying, "Cultural relativists argue that we could be persuaded to fetishise a cardboard box if Rupert Murdoch set his mind to it." (Rupert Murdoch is an Australian-American media mogul.)

We, on the other hand, just stop eating. Why? Just because you see a model in magazine? Have you though that their photographs could be photo-shopped? Well, it could be in your subconscious mind but you won't think at the first place (I didn't too, hi-fi!). Don't go beating around the bush, use your mind. Are you not comfortable in carrying yourself? Be confident on yourself, held your head high; without confident how on earth, on first place, are you able to sustain your relationship with anyone. It's all the mental and emotional state that counts more than your body. I am not saying this, but boys around the world have justified.

I see 90% of girls imitate each other and compete themselves. Instead what they should really be doing is leave this state of juxtaposition to the boys. Why do the insignificant work? You have other epochal and glorious tasks to keep you busy, like TO ADORE and ADMIRE YOURSELF !!

Sometimes, when I see some girls, I imagine their clothing as like a piece of cotton draped in thin bamboo. And even looks like they would fall in a slightest touch or in a wind. Of course, some girls don't get much flesh even if they eat a lot or are gluttony. They don't look attractive enough as compared to their mother when they were of their age. (Well, my mum and mother-in-law looked way much better and sexy in her twenties than me.)

The gist of these blah blah blah... is to encourage girls to cherish themselves, whatever size you are. Go on broadening the horizons, don't chase other. Because there will be a time certainly when someone would surely say, "LOVE THE WAY YOU ARE !!"

  • P.S. My husband, of course, chases the fatty one with bust and butt...
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