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Pramesh Bhaila
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What would be the life changing experience that you hear from your dear; talking about, that sneck up on you unexpectedly. Likely, tasted by anyone , and by me too. But it just suspendedly felt on my head with no awareness to assure myself that it will happen just a mere second away to this present( that I am on my bed having my dream an end). My sound sleep cracking by a call, by my friend with dazzling sound -" I pursude my good morning and ask...?". But I sump just like a dog hit by a ball after hear her departure.

On the way ... to where.... my inquisitive mind keep mapping it's own reality"
Was ...Is it ture ? Am I right being farther from dreaming or I got column by the gravity of the inner wicked." Though I sense my breath , I swear to be asleep.
But all those pseudonyms feeling to take that as real is just eating my time. Sounds awful, to have a hariucane in your mind isn't it...,surely you never want to. But... Bad luck for me it had just lain infront .
My legs are not sclience instead they got addressed too depth in time. My blood runs cold in the very vain overturning to suspended animation. And every steps closer to her, dread me to mark the increasing distance. Where my heart took an extra beat as I stimulate toward .. . Though all those eccentric values assimilate inside me, something pensive
( from no where) obliterate those bereft confidence with sharp guise.

I divulges the way to teleport myself straight to the finality just to ensure me that time isn't killing the seconds left by the last. All the best memory that we leasure along.... from where our intimacy cradle vividly appear live in my eyes. Who knows, you have to live your history in your imperceptible eyes? mere I am doing.
AND I REACH THERE .And then...
The clock's speaking 10 min ...10min...10min has just renounce to speak again since my vulnerable hope can't baffle to stop her. As she has already departed the place. How poor I am, that I couldn't find any space to say " GOOD BYE " which she had borrowed from me. The vouchsafed greeting and peonies in past, this negotiated present has drew me blank...But' to come to the end like this would mean the oath you take is never too long measure and short to break. 'an answer had put the question in loud .
Ruman Amant NEupane   18th Jun 2017
keep go!
pramesh bhaila   24th Jun 2017
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