KIDS, the sweetest of all !!

Pratiksha Ghimire
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Kids, they are the most gullible and naive of all people. Be it of animals or humans or birds; they have the charm that adults miss or what they long for, nevertheless cannot help to acquire any more. Curiously, though, have you witness the sharpness of their minds, the activeness of brain and the promptness in actions or how they can even emancipate their little thoughts? You could think that they are still learning, yet have you really thought about their perspective or their ways of perception.

We, me and my husband, were once traveling in train through to city when we saw a man with his two adorable kids, boys to say precisely. Elder one could be of 4 years while the younger one of age 2 approximately. Their father, possibly of 40, was constantly trying to wage their behavior in a train as the motion was quite jerky. But to their nature and age, they should have been free-spirited. To my dismay, they were the opposite unlike other brats of their age in the train compartment, where we could hear the screaming and shrieking and their mummies trying to get hold of them. These two seemed rather disciplined and were totally occupied with the scenery outside the window. They wanted to get the most of those around them that they hardly made any nuisance. I reckon they were eager to tell their mother of what they saw or what amazed them throughout their journey. The little one, however, was frequently planning to stroll on the floor of the train, of course by holding his father's hand. Whenever he saw another one passing by, I mean the train from other direction, he would shout, "Look there's a train !" On that note, the older one makes him understand by whispering into his ear, "It's called Metro, not Train." Oh, how adorable and sweet was that! He must have heard from someone else. I mean there is no harm in saying train but ever wonder why he called metro and not train? He is embedding new insights into his brother's thinking process, making his brother say unique and quite odd as no one really calls it by that name. They don't use the same words, rather a different one.

It makes me dazzle and encourages irresistibly to up-bring my own child in such a manner. I know it could be a tiny aspect but no one knows what imprints that could lead into the future.

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