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On surveillance by the study made by many supported organisations, they speak how would you judge any boy and girl? Is it their captaincy or their amply endeavour or will it be their grades....And many more.
May , the words of mine quires to you ,is it ?...oh yeah that not big you have your own vision; right.
I took judging and comparison voluntee between the fellows , the most insane and wicked behaviour.
How many of you questions it why to have such oblivion in your mind? "Yes or no", No....who cares. If you think so, you are not alone . So why are the same like other. Troll out now to doer rather than locking door in front of you.

Whatever it's all the same faithline where we are walking and many passes , HAS it to be the same . No ,You are not to be that .But you should be those who dear doer to dream and desire ; beliving that the limiting sky is far smaller than your vision. That whats, truly determine where you are walking on.
Otherwise you will definately moving up, but not moving on.
Literally speaking for me , when I do score better marks , my captaincy will rise with spelidid happiness, which pace as a good beginning. Either I make poor mark , it won't let for the end ; persistly taking to begin race again.
I always put my foot onward else thousands I slip because the great scientist edison also find out thousand ways that won't work but finality we see the great end.
I always think the way where I had started as a bridge is destroyed, so there is no way of turning back.
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