Sexy and Cheesy

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You ever listen to a song that is posted in your friend's social network sites? I don't know about most of the people, but I do listen or click the link of news or YouTube songs that my friends share on their wall. I have this bad habit of, you know, clicking the links that are shared or posted or even any lyrics they write on their status. And I have been thankful so many times for their assistance in building up my music library.

Recently, I came across a song that was posted on my friend's wall. It was the song of Ed Sheeran called "Shape of You". I am generally a song addict: that means I go on hitting the replay button so many times that after a week, I get irritated even to its music. But that won't mean that I will never play that song again. It would simply mean that I got over the song for a time being. It would certainly be played after a month. Those are the type of song that get deeply rooted in your head, mouth and even in your sleep. Yes, I see myself listening to the same song I am obsessed at the current time during my sleep. Isn't that something? Wow !! Such is the obsession in me for songs.

I even learn the lyrics by heart. Sometimes, its coz of music, models, their chemistry or even the video. Well, many times I have been upset for a song after watching its video. Its just crap, makes no sense at all. But there are many many times I feel sexy after listening to a particular song. Songs like Breathe On Me by Britney Spears, Dear Future Husband by Meghan Trainor, Pillow Talk by Zayn and so on (the list goes on and on and on). At the moment, I feel energetic and dancing and sensual to Shape of You. The song is catchy. It has good and rare blend of lust and love, its sexy and cheesy; perfect for romance. Imagine a boy and a girl. No imagine yourself and your partner in this song !! Its absolutely fantastic, isn't it? I feel really high when I am with my love during this song, not in the wrong way though (shhh....) haha !!

Well, if you haven't got a chance to listen to this great number, open up YouTube and enjoy !!  
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