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Oftentimes I think I am not me, not in the way the society wants me. I would never want to settle in the boundary that has been there to chain the free minds and the optimum one can see and is destined for. Perhaps, it is the longing desire to be accepted as one's acquaintance, beloved or the offspring which is the root cause of me being in this fashion. Why wouldn't I behave differently? Well, that is the moot question one ask oneself frequently, isn't it? I hope one day people will stop stereotyping each other in the way of meeting and greeting, gathering and talking fanciful ideas far bizarre that those of now. Despite wanting to be superior, or should I say unique than others, people do not want to stay out from the conventional thought. By saying so, I perfectly do not mean that our parents' approach is wrong. But wouldn't it have been better if we or the society accept a little spark of newness to everything we do, say, think or even behave?
A little smile for the stranger on road walking past you, a simple 'hello, how are you?' or even a 'hi' would mean, nonetheless, a little extra time to ponder why that person smiled at me. This, at least, made both of us forget any worries that had been playing on our mind. Imagine the possibility what that would imply to each and everyone that are now en route to their home or jogging somewhere in the park.

pramesh bhaila   7th Jan 2017
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