Wet Kisses !!

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"Giving kisses, running, playing, stealing shoes and socks, exploring, laying beside my favorite human, greeting everyone with enthusiasm, wagging my tail. Boy, life can be exhausting !! And I love every minute of it !!"
                                                               - extracted from a dog's diary

Do you ever wish to have someone in your life who can cheer you up every time you feel low till the day they close their eyes? I know ! That's your mates or your parents or your friend or your admirer. Nahh !! I won't think they will survive to see your ups and downs and highs and lows. Think deep, think deeper !! They are your pets !! Yay !! What do you mean No? Sure and rightfully, they are there for you till their last. Go get a pet, especially a pup and see what life has to give away.

I had this urge to have a dog in the family but my grandma is quite old fashioned and, frankly speaking, my parents didn't like that idea. Me and my brother used to bring any pup found any where into the house, make him home with card board boxes and get him some rugs to keep it warm. Not that my parents throw it immediately, but my mum would give milk and chapattis. It would be merry to have someone whom you can take care of. It will be all jolly good till the evening. We would play with it but as soon as the night fell, brother and me would be scared as to how to make that lil one stop from howling or the rhetorical cry that it made. We tried to give it every possible comfort, be it summer or winter. We would pass our night anyhow, yet very uncomfortably. No one would scold us of why we brought it. But one this always happened on the next day. That pup would disappear as in thin air. We would search every corners but to our vain, it was nowhere to be found. My mum had a beautiful way of explaining why it cried at night. She would say that it missed it's mum and the mum came in after hearing it's howling in the morning and took it with her. We would be really upset for the whole day as we loved it. We were never tired of getting another pup the very next day. :) But, then again, same happened the next day as imagined. So that's that, we never had the opportunity to get a pup pet.

But my dream to get one was fulfilled after I got married. My in-laws had a dog, her name is JESSICA. And i love her with all my heart. On the very first of our marriage, she came to me, sniffed and when I caressed her on her golden-brown fur, she started to lick my hands. She instantly gave me a place in her heart. Sometimes, its better to have them later in your life, you know, with your real home and real pet.

She had this funny way of getting around with us or draw attention to her. She would come in the middle of our card games, scatter all our card and, believe it or not, she would just scratch our hands and lay on her back on the mat as a way of saying "stop all of you, and play with me." She knows which is the best place to get the most comfort, the velvety sofa, the head side of the bed in the middle of two pillows (Oh yes, she is all around our beds, blankets, clothes and so on; nothing has been untouched by her) or any where she could find human presence. She has been the most pampered of all of us. She is the precious princess of the house. She not even get attention, but she knows how to repay for the treats she receives. If you come home, she will jump to your shoulder and she won't leave you until she has been satisfied with your face licking, all those wet kisses. (Oh I miss them) She also gets jealous if any kid is home and get the attention, you know. She would growl at us we pay that kid any further attention. Also, she has a unique way of getting along with any people who doesn't like them. It was my mum when she visited my in-laws and she is not a dog person. My mum was avoiding her, so she started wagging her tail and ran around my mother. My mum had to give up and finally she soothed her. Now, my mom likes dog and I insist my brother to have one. I hope, he follows. There are so many tales. if I am to jot them all, I would be extremely tired.

So if you want some one to amuse you, some one to make your heart laugh harder and live fuller, get a dog; get a life !!

Ending with a deeper note, I would like to quote Mark Twain's saying over dogs: "The more I learn about people, the more I like my dog."

Now I understand what he means, have you yet??

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