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घामकिरी: नयनराज पाण्डे (किताबकाे कथा)
रमण   4th Jun 2018   Other(अन्य विधा)

पोखराको साहित्य महोत्सवको क्रममा सहभागीहरुको माझबाट उभिएर सिवानीसिं थारुले नयनराज पाण्डेलाई लू र घामकिरीमा कुन प्रिय भनेर सोधिन् । नयनराज पाण्डेले तुरुन्तै जवाफ दिए, “घामकिरी!” सिवानीसिं थारुले पनि आफ्नो त्यस्तै धारणा ...

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कबिता "मोबाइल बाट छोरीलाई सन्देश "
Dibya Bajracharya   22nd Jan 2018   Other(अन्य विधा)

कबिता "मोबाइल बाट छोरीलाई सन्देश " को यो 3 मिनेट को भिडियो हेर्नुस है अनि कमेन्ट पनि गर्नुस है ।

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Island Peak Climbing with Tours Trek Nepal
Tourstreknepal   31st Mar 2017   Other(अन्य विधा)

Island Peak Climbing the massive peak, which is placed at the elevation of 6189 meter of the Everest region is Island peak climbing. Island peak climbing is. For more information please visit our website:


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My choice
Susan   24th Jan 2017   Other(अन्य विधा)

On surveillance by the study made by many supported organisations, they speak how would you judge any boy and girl? Is it their captaincy or their amply endeavour or will it be their grades....And many more.
May , the words of mine quires to you ,is it ?...oh yeah that not big deal.as you have your own vision; right.
I took judging and comparison voluntee between the fellows , the most insane and wicked behaviour.
How many of you questions it why to have such oblivion in your mind? "Yes or no", No....who cares. If you think so, you are not alone . So why are the same like other. ...

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Dibya Bajracharya   23rd Jan 2017   Other(अन्य विधा)

मिरमिरे उज्यालो कोठा छ
दिनमा पनि बत्ति बाल्नु पर्छ
त्यहाँ एउटा मान्छे बस्छ
जस्को एउटा डायरीको पानामा
बत्ति नै बत्तिको अमूर्त चित्र छ
मान्छे सधैं एक्लै बस्छ
आफन्त सबै टाढा भइसकेको छ
जस्को एउटा डायरीको पानामा
परिवार नै परिवारको ...

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Sexy and Cheesy
Pratiksha   18th Jan 2017   Other(अन्य विधा)

You ever listen to a song that is posted in your friend's social network sites? I don't know about most of the people, but I do listen or click the link of news or YouTube songs that my friends share on their wall. I have this bad habit of, you know, clicking the links that are shared or posted or even any lyrics they write on their status. And I have been thankful so many times for their assistance in building up my music library.

Recently, I came across a song that was posted on my friend's wall. It was the song of Ed Sheeran called "Shape of You". I am generally a song addict: that ...

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Wet Kisses !!
Pratiksha   11th Jan 2017   Other(अन्य विधा)

"Giving kisses, running, playing, stealing shoes and socks, exploring, laying beside my favorite human, greeting everyone with enthusiasm, wagging my tail. Boy, life can be exhausting !! And I love every minute of it !!"
                                                               - extracted from a dog's diary

Do you ever wish to have someone in your life who can cheer you up every time you feel low till the day they close their eyes? I know ! That's your mates or your parents or your friend or your admirer. Nahh !! I won't think they will survive to see your ups and downs and highs and ...

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Dibya Bajracharya   23rd Dec 2016   Other(अन्य विधा)

जसरी आमाले नौ महिना गर्भमा राख्छिन् 
प्रवसको चरम व्यथा सजिलै पार गरी संसार देखाउछिन्पल्
पल् स्याहारेर औलाको सहारामा हिड्न सिकाउँछिन्


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I DON'T KNOW WHY.....????
Susan   10th Oct 2016   Other(अन्य विधा)

We know,
Who we are .
But I keep asking ....? Why ...?
All the long cruise from the school
To this present,
We embliss blossoming shrubs and peonies and borders of forget me not betwixt this real world.
I vouchsafed,
We had have inaugurated many many arts and hopes,
Some rises joyful and enjoying,
Some remind humorous,
And some left sorrows, but with the fanility of our journey.

On the final note, I dear doer to dream to be with you all, AND MAKE YOUR DASHIAN AS YOUR ...

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Susan   7th Oct 2016   Other(अन्य विधा)

लेख्न त रामो लेखे जस्तो लाग्छ , होला
सजिलो पनि ,
कसैले य बि सि दि बाट ,
कसैले क ख ग बाट
सुरु गरे होला,
कलम को लिद्ले होस ,
या पेनको मसिबाट नै ,

उसका लागि राम्रो नराम्रो को प्रस्न नै
नभएको होला सयद्," लेखक त के बनु बनी आस लिन्छ ...

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