Incomplete ..
Susan   11th Jun 2017   Fiction(उपन्यास)

What would be the life changing experience that you hear from your dear; talking about, that sneck up on you unexpectedly. Likely, tasted by anyone , and by me too. But it just suspendedly felt on my head with no awareness to assure myself that it will happen just a mere second away to this present( that I am on my bed having my dream an end). My sound sleep cracking by a call, by my friend with dazzling sound -" I pursude my good morning and ask...?". But I sump just like a dog hit by a ball after hear her departure.

On the way ... to where.... my inquisitive mind keep mapping it's ...

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Revive - A nepali nonel
swopneel bista   17th Mar 2017   Fiction(उपन्यास)

Coming soon...
आजका युवायुवती को वास्तविक कथा हो रिभाईभ ।
हरेक युवा युवतिले पढ्नै पर्ने पुस्तक हो रिभाईभ।
नयाँ पिढी का लागि जिबनको पाठ हो रिभाईभ।
चोखो मायाको वकालत हो रिभाईभ।
हरेकले कहिँ कतै रिभाईभमा आफुलाई पाउने छन।
बाटो बिराएका हरुका ...

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A living dream
Susan   19th Feb 2017   Fiction(उपन्यास)

He was about to build himself when someone throw a sharp knife toward him, he hold that, see around , surmount for any but he can't stand amply to see what appear in front.
Obvious big found but oblivion in mind something
Sparkling, shinning approaching nearer and nearer with a large face nothing spotted though he couldn't see; as his shade vanished in betwixt, that is none other than the dark night.
Rakishly a running sound tickling timely every moment of minute, thoroughly put him wipe out to withstand. The dark night came along when he just left foot nestled the chest of the land ...

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उसले अन्तिमसम्म आई लभ यु भनी
अल्टर कान्छो   27th Apr 2013   Fiction(उपन्यास)

लामो समय भएको थियो उसँग सम्पर्क नभएको पनि सायद उसलाई भुल्ने कोसिमा थिएँ
होला म पनि तर यादभने घरी घरी सताई रहन्थ्यो मलाई तर पनि ती यादहरुलाई मैले
समालेर नै राखेको थिए । कुन्नी किन याद आँउछ छाडि जाने निष्टुरीको ? सायद
यसैलाई त ...

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