Persuasive Writing(प्रेरक लेख)

Wish to ......
Susun   13th Apr 2017   Persuasive Writing(प्रेरक लेख)

The end of 2073
lofty roses
that embliss the path
for welcoming
As the time may end,
But never runs out.
So I do believe :
We never live in past,
we make it happen
As splendid 073 fruition had.
And I really want all of you to
Bark rakishly for your next year,
You ON
Your new year resolution.

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Susun   8th Mar 2017   Persuasive Writing(प्रेरक लेख)

A single word marks the whole line, WOMEN!; is't it?
And a great man say-" Every kick of your leg to any pain lain to leg is capable to bear by a women only whatever caprice to cradle."
The shade for the world engulfed by a single women, 'MOTHER', embedded very shape as a god for every Inn on this vivid planet. Your reality to see, makes any mother to deed it true. No power had ever birth and ever will; to mark the meters of your mothers gratitude.
I don't look to my mother as a women, nor as one who gave me birth, but I straight to walk; to read my journey and her painful ...

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Reality vs truth
Susun   23rd Jan 2017   Persuasive Writing(प्रेरक लेख)

I knew reality , and
I belive in truth.

For ... me,
What you see on the screen is the reality ? And what you are looking for is the truth. . Isn't it ?
Yeah Then find me on the above words .and put yours.
Reality exits and persist large. ..
Where truth needn't need that .
A long cadences from reality , you can't hear.
Silence truth always surmount your ears.

Both reality and truth are docile pretty things to have.
So Happy to be in reality
honey in the comb
To take the flaunt truth
as a guise of family

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Give up sometimes !!
Pratiksha   17th Jan 2017   Persuasive Writing(प्रेरक लेख)

“Sacrifice is a part of life. It's supposed to be. It's not something to regret. It's something to aspire to.” 

                                                                       - Mitch Albom, The Five People You Meet in Heaven

Unless you are dead or you live alone in woods, stop complaining about how much or how many times you have sacrificed for someone. Its only for the loved ones, you can do such act. No strangers or any other person in the street have that fortune to receive such goodness. Have you done anything for the beggar? Have you even spared a cent on them out of love ...

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Hubba Hubba !!
Pratiksha   7th Jan 2017   Persuasive Writing(प्रेरक लेख)

David Attenborough, my favorite English broadcaster, whose voice is surreal and whose documentary are worth watching, gave me an idea to think about the way people want their mates to be. Recently, I viewed the episode of Planet Earth which was about the various measures animals use to attract their partners. Say, for example, female Antelopes, Snow buffaloes and others are most definitely lured by those males who can defend them, beat the rivals, are huge built and rule the surrounding. I, sometimes, get fascinated by their choice you know. I mean, of all species, animals, they, the ...

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KIDS, the sweetest of all !!
Pratiksha   6th Jan 2017   Persuasive Writing(प्रेरक लेख)

Kids, they are the most gullible and naive of all people. Be it of animals or humans or birds; they have the charm that adults miss or what they long for, nevertheless cannot help to acquire any more. Curiously, though, have you witness the sharpness of their minds, the activeness of brain and the promptness in actions or how they can even emancipate their little thoughts? You could think that they are still learning, yet have you really thought about their perspective or their ways of perception.

We, me and my husband, were once traveling in train through to city when we saw a man with ...

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Try some NEW
Pratiksha   6th Jan 2017   Persuasive Writing(प्रेरक लेख)

Oftentimes I think I am not me, not in the way the society wants me. I would never want to settle in the boundary that has been there to chain the free minds and the optimum one can see and is destined for. Perhaps, it is the longing desire to be accepted as one's acquaintance, beloved or the offspring which is the root cause of me being in this fashion. Why wouldn't I behave differently? Well, that is the moot question one ask oneself frequently, isn't it? I hope one day people will stop stereotyping each other in the way of meeting and greeting, gathering and talking fanciful ideas far ...

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Susun   30th Dec 2016   Persuasive Writing(प्रेरक लेख)

Anndhyoro ma afno parxai khojna hedeko thiye bihana huda samma ni nabheteko nirasa Le tauko newrauda
Xaya hassdai dekhe.
Sirr uthaunda sann bhane jhukaunda Mann mane ma afno parxai ko paso ma ladna napugla.
You can't leftover what you belong to.
It's absolute that your shade vanish once you enter the dark but it not worth to mean it permanently. You don’t create your shade, it's run with you and your throughout cruise.
As it appears not to show anyone in crowd, it's only surmount you not to feel alone.
Love you .It's a beautiful curse to have.

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I friend earthquake
Susun   22nd Dec 2016   Persuasive Writing(प्रेरक लेख)

You needn't need fighting to exist .
Accepting earthquake is the great, rather to running from it.
Earthquake hitch not only the woes; but also aid a cause of learning to draw new.
As the ending never last,'s indispensable to built next..
Hope for best prepare for the worst.
Every earthquake cause vulnerable, insurmountable to cover up, but
we are here to drag out that imperceptible solace in anytime.
We were inherited to save the world and plausible to both decorum and fatigue earth.

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A friend within
Susun   1st Nov 2016   Persuasive Writing(प्रेरक लेख)

Things which are always been ceased
Are now seems to be paved
the glory has glown, and goodness glaze with an ample avail
competencies and venture ate those standing woes and rival.
And i grim, looking insanely in mirror
feeling to be hail,
all because of your support though i fail.
twinkling stars in the sky
whiming for u and i,
making fun and mulling for fly
turn to make a few more mile.

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