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Death: The destiny of every human
divya   2nd Oct 2015   Free Verse(मुक्त छन्द)

As the clock ticks you are heading towards the death.
Everyday the light penetrates through the fluffy clouds,
Plants a kiss on your cheeks as if abiding a final goodbye.
Heaven and Hell are preparing for the great fiesta for the humans.
Some will go to heaven and some to hell but what about the in-betweener where will they go.
They will be wandering in empty spaces feeling pity about their souls.
So from today let's pledge to be good, do good and earn those karma before you face the death.
When the time comes and you stand in front of God, you can say with your head held high that you had done ...

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निम्सरो किराती   25th Jun 2013   Free Verse(मुक्त छन्द)

राम्री थिइ,राम्रो देख्थें जैले
र पो मन  पराइ दें मैले ।
भेट हुँदा हाँस्थि-बोल्थी संधै
माया बस्यो,माया गर्छु अझै ।

रोज्या हैन खान्दानकी भनी
सोधीएन दाजु-भाइ पनि
उन्को दाजु भाई आए आज
औकात पो मेरो सोधे आज ।

चोखो माया गर्दा ठाने निच ...

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मेरो चाहना !!!
निम्सरो किराती   20th Jun 2013   Free Verse(मुक्त छन्द)

घरी घरी तिमीले- चियाउँदा खेरी
घरी घरी परेला- झिम्काउँदा खेरी
बेचैन भै कसो- गरुं-गरुंझै लाग्छ ।  
लाज-शरमले - मरुँ-मरुँझैं लाग्छ ।।

कैले काहीं नजर - जुधाउंदा  खेरी
कैले काहीं मधुर - मुस्काउंदा खेरी
तिम्रो आँखाभित्र - पसुं-पसुंझै ...

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अश्रु   14th Jun 2013   Free Verse(मुक्त छन्द)


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मिमोसा [ Mimosa ] मिमोसा [ Mimosa ]
Author :Ruman Neupane ( रुमन न्यौपाने )
Published on :2016
Publisher : Writing Nepal
Number of page : 164
Price : USD 18
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