Journey (यात्रा)

जनकपुर यात्रा
रुजन न्यौपाने   4th Jul 2017   Journey (यात्रा)

धेरै समयपछि हाम्रो गाँउको पाँच बजेको बस चढ्न चौरमा बस कुर्दै गर्दा पुराना दिनहरुको याद आयो । जतिबेला म / हामि कलेज जान्थ्यौं । दुध बेच्न शहरजानेहरु र कलेजका बिद्मार्थिहरुले बस एकदमै खचाखच  भरिएको हुन्थ्यो । कतिपय दिनहरु बसको ...

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एक दिन
रुजन न्यौपाने   6th Mar 2015   Journey (यात्रा)

"भगबानले दाँत नहुनेहरुलाई सुपारि दिन्छन" , सेतो माईक्रो बसको लास्ट सिटको देब्रेपट्टिको झ्यालबाट बाहिर हेर्दै गर्दा ट्रकको पछाडि लेखेको पढ्न पुगें । उसै त चिसो मौसम पृथि राजमार्गको छेऊमा बहने त्रिशुलिको हावाले झनै चिसो ...

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भू-मध्यसागरसम्मको यात्रा (भाग–१)
रमण   8th Feb 2014   Journey (यात्रा)

“उः हेर पानीजहाज !”
“काँ हुन्छ, ट्यो ट माछा हो ।”
“त्यति ठूलो माछा पनि हुन्छ त <”
“अब ट्यो ह्वेल होला नि ट <”
“त्यति धेरै < ”

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A month without you, Mom...
Sanjeeta "Hridayaninadini"   12th Jun 2013   Journey (यात्रा)

Death was just a way to pay condolence to someone who, now I feel, is bereaved completely. Though I lack the scientific evidences, death to me was always a soul leaving this body and getting mixed up with the unfathomable universe. Earlier, I wrote a dozen of poems about the souls, the life as an illusion and the darkness beyond this deluding life, all inspired from you, Mom. And now, am pragmatically facing it up.

Stanza by stanza!

Behold! After a long anticipation for miracles, He finally decided to cure you intrinsically. But this time, I am not at ease with His decision. And sadly, He ...

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Pokhara: My first trip with Freind!
रुजन न्यौपाने   3rd Apr 2013   Journey (यात्रा)

Pokhara: My first trip with Freind!

Nothing excited me more than going on a Visit for the first time.
“But can you do it?” questioned my friends, surprised and curious. But I was excited though it was first time, would somewhat torment me a bit. Born and grown up in Kathmandu, the only places I’ve visited so far are Hetauda, and the list ends there. However, I didn’t want to bracket myself in the comfort cocoon.

 Pokhara is an awesome choice for first-time who never visit alone before. Trust me, but when you’re up there, it’s all worth it when you see the mountains and the lush ...

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