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What is this site, anyway?

It is an online platform where we support your creativity in literature, without language barrier. There are various provisions for author, publisher and blogger. But, first register your account and it’s for free.

What are the benefits of registering for an account?
Your writing gets into social medias like facebook and twitter,and also have communications with publishers(if interested). You can be entitled as the "weekly featured writer" and you can always participate in various quizes and be the winner and have your quotes posted as well.

  • Authors' profile:
    -Send message to them
    -Blogs can be added
    -Find your reading list and published book's list

  • Bloggers' profile:
    -Post writing
    -Comment on author's book, blog and post
    -Read and rate book
    -Recommand to friends

  • Publishers' profile:
    -Send message to them
    -Konw your list of published books

Who  Runs WritingNepal?
Two dedicated and highly enthusiastic young individual, anonymous (The CEO) and anonymous (CAO) are behind this website.The site is developed and operated entirely form inside Nepal.

Who moderates  content on  WritingNepal?
All the top level moderations decision are in the hands of the CEO and the Executive Vice President.

Do the developers have a blog I could subscribe to?
Yes, they do have blog!

How can I support  WritingNepal?
You can add the books you have read and those you find latest in the market through newspapers or in internet and you can post your writing every now and then. And the most important one, you can always give your response through feedback section.

What is beta, why I am seeing beta on its logo?

A beta is phase which is still under development that is made available to a select few to test, examine, and report problems they face. Beta testing allows developers to find problems they may have missed and fix them before the program is released.

Adding  Some  Post:

How can i add post/add book/add event on WritingNepal?
Go to WritingNepal's site, register your account and then click on "add your".

How do I write a new story, poem, or other work?

Go to your account, click on 'and your' then simply click on 'add post .'

If I saw some nasty content somewhere on the site. What can I do?
Although WritingNepal has a moderation team, we're not physically able to read every item that's posted, so we count on users to report content .

How do I follow-up author /blogger/publisher’s story?
First you need to follow author/publisher / blogger individually for that you have to click on follow button right side of user's profile.

Where can I find the writing posting guidelines or contest guidelines?
You will find guidelines of every kind in the right hand side of the page.

Can I write poetry, lyrics, screenplays, role-plays, or other writing types?

Of course, that is what we do. We welcome every kind of writings.

What is author /publisher or blogger post and how does it work?

Like you update the status in facebook, the same it works here. As you post something, it comes as blog. If you have your blog, you can syncronize here. If you are a publisher, you can write excerpt of your work in your profile.

Can I delete one of my written works, how?

Yes, why not. Go to your profile, cilck on "my posts". You will find "action" column on your right, there you get "edit delete", simply click on delete.

How do I add a book ?

If you haven’t log in, first you need to get log in. you will see "add your" in the upper left corner just below WritingNepal logo. Click there, you find "add book" hover and click again to add book mannually. If you get confused, there are guidelines on your right side to help you.

What kind of benefits do i have after adding my books?

Your added book gets spread among the thousands of WritingNepal users.

Is  there any paying plan for my written post?

Not currently. But yes you will get paid on completion of our beta phase (we are in beta phase).

Content & Safety

Is my email address and/or account information safe?

Perfectly safe

What types of content are not allowed?

Please see our "report and content safety"

Any criteria do i have to fulfill to become a feature writer?

Not necessarily. You just need to register here, regularly add posts/books/quotes/blog/events so on. Our system may randomly select you as feature writer. See our "feature writer".
Managing Profile/Account.

How can I delete or de-activate my account?

That permission is denied.

I forgot my password! How can I get a new one?

It happens to all of us — we're on so many sites, with so many different login combinations, that we forget our passwords.
Fear not! If you happen to have misplaced your password, we have just the thing for you! Our handy new Password Reset Request form! Check it out. It'll save you time and money (okay, maybe not money), and it's absolutely free.

How can I block a user who's bothering me?

Below the profile picture of the person you want to block, you see "block this person" link, you just need to click on that (to unblock, follow the same process).

What is the meaning of ‘My earning’ in profile?

You will know about it after the completion of beta phase.

Where can I see ‘my participating contest list?

You will know about it after the completion of beta phase.

Do blogger users have access to write blog on his/her profile?

No, only author have such provisions or you can upgrade your profile to author profile.

Can i edit my profile frequently, How can I?

Sure. To do that, go to your profile, on the right you see edit profile button so you can edit as you wish.

In my profile, my added books are sliding, do I have to pay or this is a free advertisement?

No, you don’t have to pay. It’s absolutely free of cost!!!

Advertising on

How can I advertise on
-If you, your company, or your organization is interested in advertising independently on, please take a look at our advertising information page and let us know. WritingNepal supports many industry-standard ad formats and we're always interested in discussing potential advertising opportunities. We can always work something out to suit your needs. Additional traffic and demographic details — as well as our rate sheet — will be provided upon contact.
Read our "advertisement" page.

Can my company or organization sponsor a contest  on
Yes, absolutely. First you need to contact us. Email us :

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