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Create your new WritingNepal profile. Before creating your account. Read this instruction very carefully. 

  • Provide your full name and email address to open a new account. 

  • You should chose blogger/Normal user or Author/Publisher profile to use WritingNepal

  • If you chose Blogger/Normal user you can get few facilities. If you chose author profile you can get more facilities than normal user. 

  • You can easily sign up after providing your one 'book name'(it could be published or could be publishing process) and you have to provide book cover to identify your profile as author for future use. it will protect your author profile or you can take book cover as a security question.

  • Provide your real birth date. Otherwise you will not able to change your password, if you forget later. (Be careful to entering your birthdate.)

After signing up, You are free:

  1.  to publish your Post 

  2.  to publish your article

  3.  to create free add on your profile(this feature is only for writer/author/publisher).

  4.  to create event for book launch, author apperience and more..

  5.  to create 'reading list' of your reading choise. 

  6.  Rate the books, post comment on books.

Enjoy reading & writing experience. 

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Thank you, team

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