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Incomplete ..
Susan   11th Jun 2017   Fiction(उपन्यास)

What would be the life changing experience that you hear from your dear; talking about, that sneck up on you unexpectedly. Likely, tasted by anyone , and by me too. But it just suspendedly felt on my head with no awareness to assure myself that it will happen just a mere second away to this present( that I am on my bed having my dream an end). My sound sleep cracking by a call, by my friend with dazzling sound -" I pursude my good morning and ask...?". But I sump just like a dog hit by a ball after hear her departure.

On the way ... to where.... my inquisitive mind keep mapping it's ...

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Rain to cry
Susan   30th Apr 2017   Prose(गद्य कविता)

A bulk of volume
Triger to my spot
My clothes shrink and my hair straighten.
Every single drop that
Trash my head ,
Wipe out all
gloomy and sticky
Imitation of dust
To an anticipated mirror.
No noone wants to get wet but,
One walking on the rain
Left every step behind
With the same...
That wet him or her,
But this time running
Form his/her eyes.
Insanely to find others solace eyes
Smile to his/her cruise
From that raining
To his/her drowning.
Being one
Is never alone ,
And being alone
Never means to be one.
So when my tears drop ...

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Wish to ......
Susan   13th Apr 2017   Persuasive Writing(प्रेरक लेख)

The end of 2073
lofty roses
that embliss the path
for welcoming
As the time may end,
But never runs out.
So I do believe :
We never live in past,
we make it happen
As splendid 073 fruition had.
And I really want all of you to
Bark rakishly for your next year,
You ON
Your new year resolution.

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Susan   8th Mar 2017   Persuasive Writing(प्रेरक लेख)

A single word marks the whole line, WOMEN!; is't it?
And a great man say-" Every kick of your leg to any pain lain to leg is capable to bear by a women only whatever caprice to cradle."
The shade for the world engulfed by a single women, 'MOTHER', embedded very shape as a god for every Inn on this vivid planet. Your reality to see, makes any mother to deed it true. No power had ever birth and ever will; to mark the meters of your mothers gratitude.
I don't look to my mother as a women, nor as one who gave me birth, but I straight to walk; to read my journey and her painful ...

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A living dream
Susan   19th Feb 2017   Fiction(उपन्यास)

He was about to build himself when someone throw a sharp knife toward him, he hold that, see around , surmount for any but he can't stand amply to see what appear in front.
Obvious big found but oblivion in mind something
Sparkling, shinning approaching nearer and nearer with a large face nothing spotted though he couldn't see; as his shade vanished in betwixt, that is none other than the dark night.
Rakishly a running sound tickling timely every moment of minute, thoroughly put him wipe out to withstand. The dark night came along when he just left foot nestled the chest of the land ...

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Susan   1st Feb 2017   Speech(प्रबचन-लेख)

"We, we are born to make mistakes not for fake perfection."
Apart from being join to something as an Enigma; have Quotes imperceptible to see off, like drowning in betwixt in rich.

I don't have any curtsy to live any happily as I am here to be happy, kicking off all the dwelling sound abstract for nothing.

I make "Happiness will never come to those who fails to appreciate what they already have. So let's not dwell in finding new, how about a glaze toyour own old." a run to my mind????

Do you ever think "who you are?"

It sound funny; isn't it, to mark 'I' oooooh ...

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सपना मा
Susan   28th Jan 2017   Lyric Poem(गीति कविता)

खै आज फेरि सपना
जिउन मन लाग्यो।
देखे साच्चिकैको लाग्छ
छुय आफ्नै लाग्छ।
त्यो सपनामा
सबै आफ्नो लाग्छ।।

सपनाको शब्दलाई सम्झना
आखाॅ खोली दिने
त्यस सम्झनाको सपनालाई

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My choice
Susan   24th Jan 2017   Other(अन्य विधा)

On surveillance by the study made by many supported organisations, they speak how would you judge any boy and girl? Is it their captaincy or their amply endeavour or will it be their grades....And many more.
May , the words of mine quires to you ,is it ?...oh yeah that not big you have your own vision; right.
I took judging and comparison voluntee between the fellows , the most insane and wicked behaviour.
How many of you questions it why to have such oblivion in your mind? "Yes or no", No....who cares. If you think so, you are not alone . So why are the same like other. ...

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Reality vs truth
Susan   23rd Jan 2017   Persuasive Writing(प्रेरक लेख)

I knew reality , and
I belive in truth.

For ... me,
What you see on the screen is the reality ? And what you are looking for is the truth. . Isn't it ?
Yeah Then find me on the above words .and put yours.
Reality exits and persist large. ..
Where truth needn't need that .
A long cadences from reality , you can't hear.
Silence truth always surmount your ears.

Both reality and truth are docile pretty things to have.
So Happy to be in reality
honey in the comb
To take the flaunt truth
as a guise of family

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Susan   7th Jan 2017   Lyric Poem(गीति कविता)

समयको बौंसाखीलाई
धडीको नोकले देखायो,
नछोडने एक्लोपन र
नहुने आत्मसाथलाई
खालीले नै साथी बनायो।
खै त्यो पनि कता हरायो
अन्तयमा एक्लो बनायो।

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My black comrade.😊
Susan   30th Dec 2016   Persuasive Writing(प्रेरक लेख)

Anndhyoro ma afno parxai khojna hedeko thiye bihana huda samma ni nabheteko nirasa Le tauko newrauda
Xaya hassdai dekhe.
Sirr uthaunda sann bhane jhukaunda Mann mane ma afno parxai ko paso ma ladna napugla.
You can't leftover what you belong to.
It's absolute that your shade vanish once you enter the dark but it not worth to mean it permanently. You don’t create your shade, it's run with you and your throughout cruise.
As it appears not to show anyone in crowd, it's only surmount you not to feel alone.
Love you .It's a beautiful curse to have.

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I friend earthquake
Susan   22nd Dec 2016   Persuasive Writing(प्रेरक लेख)

You needn't need fighting to exist .
Accepting earthquake is the great, rather to running from it.
Earthquake hitch not only the woes; but also aid a cause of learning to draw new.
As the ending never last,'s indispensable to built next..
Hope for best prepare for the worst.
Every earthquake cause vulnerable, insurmountable to cover up, but
we are here to drag out that imperceptible solace in anytime.
We were inherited to save the world and plausible to both decorum and fatigue earth.

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For me Nothing is
Susan   15th Nov 2016   Ode Poem(स्तोत्र गित)

Things do not happen. Things are made to happen.
John F. Kennedy

I know nothing , nothing at all
All the best way for me to hitch on any enigmatic problems
Nothing assure me and let it new
To have my next accomplishment.

I hardly dwell to keep my mind searching anyway,
As I keep nothing on my way
Esctasy I am happy nothing to be known

I love being animatedly alone
Where i friend no one
Passing all the words running on that vain arena
Feeling so soo.....happy
On hearing a great applause
I find hailed

Thought nothing holds
I smile
To have nothing .........

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A friend within
Susan   1st Nov 2016   Persuasive Writing(प्रेरक लेख)

Things which are always been ceased
Are now seems to be paved
the glory has glown, and goodness glaze with an ample avail
competencies and venture ate those standing woes and rival.
And i grim, looking insanely in mirror
feeling to be hail,
all because of your support though i fail.
twinkling stars in the sky
whiming for u and i,
making fun and mulling for fly
turn to make a few more mile.

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Susan   31st Oct 2016   Persuasive Writing(प्रेरक लेख)

A better way to live is buoy to the way of learning from many stories ....

My dear friends, a more successful person is more observant, think more and understand in depth. For the same matter, a more successful person sees several years ahead, while you see only tomorrow. The difference between a year and a day is 365 times, how could you win?

Think! how far have you seen ahead in your life? How thoughtful in depth are you?

Abraham Lincoln never quits.

Born into poverty, Lincoln was faced with defeat throughout his life. He lost eight elections, twice failed in business and ...

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मेराे मन.....
Susan   11th Oct 2016   Persuasive Writing(प्रेरक लेख)

साथीहरू बिचमा एक म....

साथीहरुसँग भेत हुँदा खुशी हुन्छु । खुशी लाग्छ , जब साथीहरुका हसेका मुहार हेर्न पाउछु , मन रमाउछ , जब साथीहरु हसेका बोल सुन्छु । मलाई धेरै समयपछी यस्तो महसुस भयो, आफु एक्लै भएतापनी साथीहरुका गन्थन र एक आपसमा ...

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I DON'T KNOW WHY.....????
Susan   10th Oct 2016   Other(अन्य विधा)

We know,
Who we are .
But I keep asking ....? Why ...?
All the long cruise from the school
To this present,
We embliss blossoming shrubs and peonies and borders of forget me not betwixt this real world.
I vouchsafed,
We had have inaugurated many many arts and hopes,
Some rises joyful and enjoying,
Some remind humorous,
And some left sorrows, but with the fanility of our journey.

On the final note, I dear doer to dream to be with you all, AND MAKE YOUR DASHIAN AS YOUR ...

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Susan   7th Oct 2016   Other(अन्य विधा)

लेख्न त रामो लेखे जस्तो लाग्छ , होला
सजिलो पनि ,
कसैले य बि सि दि बाट ,
कसैले क ख ग बाट
सुरु गरे होला,
कलम को लिद्ले होस ,
या पेनको मसिबाट नै ,

उसका लागि राम्रो नराम्रो को प्रस्न नै
नभएको होला सयद्," लेखक त के बनु बनी आस लिन्छ ...

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Susan   6th Oct 2016   Other(अन्य विधा)

IT IS BEGINNING.....On survellience, the study made by many suspended animated people and versed person,ask me how you would have judge any boy and girl. I think; why they are dwell to have such stupid Question, Is it their captaincy or their ample concentration
and faith in their endeavour...or was it their grade...
May my word tastes sour and pinch quired to other as who think same. It really make me insane and wholly wicked to have any comprasion like above,but I don't say to ,stop looking what you are walking on, and avoid taking inspiration from other, since there you approach for ...

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